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About Charru Gupta

Hi, my name is Charru. It's a pleasure to meet you! I am a Master Numerologist and Vastu Consultant, specializing in various aspects of life such as
Life direction
Foreign Settlement,
Name Correction,
Choosing the right profession,
Future Predictions,
Correcting energies in homes, offices, commercial spaces.
I have assisted numerous individuals with common life issues including health, wealth, job, career, sickness, and marital problems. I believe in providing unbiased advice to people from all walks of life and strive to offer simple solutions. My articles and videos have also been featured in news articles and news channels.

Services Provided-

Customer Reviews

I am extremely satisfied with Charru Gupta's numerology advice. It has brought positive changes in my life.

Charru Gupta's Vastu consultations have helped me create a harmonious environment in my home.

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charru gupta numerologist review
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With Numerology you can get success:

1. We can suggest right career path, job or business for you
2. Perfect Name spelling correction for yourself, company name or product name as this is the most important aspect to uplift your numeroscope
3. Choosing the perfect Baby Name
4. What to do to improve Finance
5. Compatibility for marriage or business partnership
6. Help to choose the correct mobile number/email id
7. Help to choose the correct vehicle number
8. Know your lucky colour
9. Affordable remedies for missing number
10. Know about your foreign /abroad settlement
11. Know your personal year
12. Remedies for Anti year
13. Choose the right signature

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